Sue Platt joined our team in 2004 as a SAFO Technician and is now as Trainer in the Silicone workshop creating high-definition Silicone.

Sue’s career started at Dorset Orthopaedic after studying ceramics at the Surrey Institute of art and Design, following her degree she joined the SAFO team and has progressed to be a Silicone Technician continuing to use her skills in colour matching, sculpting and three dimensional design. Sue’s really happy to be able to apply her finely honed skills in helping others with her work at Dorset Orthopaedic. Being a part of creating real solutions for clients, is a really satisfying part of her role.

Sue’s daily work includes creating high definition silicone products, working together as part of the amazing Silicone Team, supporting colleagues and trainees and seeing patients.

Sue’s love for the local area always means she’s out and about with her family.