Once there is a demand for silicone within your clinic, the team at Dorset Orthopaedic will set about organising a visiting clinic to your premises. A visiting clinic is when one or more of our technician’s travel to your company/clinic to meet and undertake information gathering appointments with your patients. These appointments enable Dorset Orthopaedic to manufacture the patient’s bespoke silicone products back in the UK.

Internationally Experienced

Experienced at facilitating clinics worldwide, our technicians are well equipped to answer questions and offer support to your staff. You will quickly become familiar with the procedures involved in successful visiting clinics and understand what is required by us in order to supply silicone.

World Renowned Quality

Our level of quality for all silicone products is world leading with our Visiting Service remaining our gold standard, available with our team of artistically gifted technicians approach and expertise creating the highest standard of results possible.