Becoming a DOC Silicone Partner is simple and easy to action, please see below for a brief guide of the process and the expectations of both parties:

Visiting Service

We first discuss if you require a Visiting Service (minimum number of patients required) or if the Remote Service is sufficient for your patient’s needs.

Remote Service

For the Remote Service, your CPO will see the patient locally and complete a DOC Order Form with the use of Silicone Colour Swatches and any guidance and support you may need from our DOC team. (Our Order Form guides you through the information required such as product details, colour selection, measures etc)

Order Forms

All information including the Order Form, residual cast, sound side cast and prosthesis where appropriate are to be sent to DOC.

Clear Test Piece

With all partial products (Partial Feet, Hands, Digits etc) we manufacture a CTP (Clear Test Piece) in order to check the sizing, socket fit and volume. The patient is to wear this for a period of time, we then review and proceed to the definitive product if appropriate.


We can offer guidance on the requirements for foaming and shaping a prosthesis ready for a silicone cover or perform this in-house if needed. (Our Silicone Co-ordinators will communicate to you ETA’s for all work allowing you to book patient appointments ahead of time).