Mum of three and volunteer Cynthia Yoxall now feels “Loud and Proud” thanks to her lifelike silicone prosthesis!

Cynthia Yoxall is a forward-thinking individual who recently retired. She enjoys seeing her three daughters and volunteering in her West Kirby community. She also lives with her husband who spends his days as a cockle fisherman on the river. Cynthia has a congenital upper limb deficiency, having been born without her right arm below the elbow. Cynthia’s daughter trained as a prosthetist after being inspired by her mother to help people who were in a similar situation.

Being born without her right hand, Cynthia has adapted to everyday life with one hand and feels there is nothing she can’t do. From a young age, she had a variety of different prosthetic limbs and remembers having a split hook prosthetic attached with body straps when she was younger. Because she hadn’t had lifelike prosthetics in the past, Cynthia didn’t feel confident enough to go out and wear short-sleeved tops. Six years ago, Cynthia discovered Silicone by Dorset Orthopaedic, who create lifelike HD prosthetics and orthotic silicone solutions. She decided to have a transradial silicone glove made, for which her prosthetist did the colour matching.

After receiving her new silicone glove, Cynthia was overwhelmed by the detail, complexity and lifelike nature of the glove. “I love it. It looks just like my left arm, including the freckles, skin tone and crooked thumb! I have had many prostheses over the years, and I would say this is the best of them all…and comfortable too. The silicone technicians are true artists”, Cynthia said. Since wearing her new silicone glove, Cynthia feels confident and “loud and proud” to wear short-sleeved tops, and reports “fantastic feedback” when people notice her silicone prostheses.

Cynthia has a positive and enthusiastic approach to life- “It’s important to accept the things that come your way and enjoy life. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t get you anywhere and there is something for everyone."