It is recommended that you regularly wash your product to avoid dirt build-up which could over time change the colour or harm the silicone. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse well and clean any accumulated grime or marks with a soft brush or cloth. Never use harsh cleaning chemicals and always air or towel dry and avoid putting on hot surfaces.


  • For Lower Limb Silicone Covers: it is important to ensure footwear is always worn when wearing your silicone product. Failure to do this may invalidate the warranty.
  • Strong marks such as shoe dye or biro ink should be washed off before they are allowed to become ingrained.
  • Take care with shoes with coloured suede on the inside and dye from tight jeans as these may permanently mark the silicone.
  • Fake sun tan lotions may permanently stain the silicone, owing to its semi-permeable nature.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects.
  • Nail varnish can be applied to nails but may not be long-lasting, an acetone-free remover must be used.
  • If you develop skin irritation/reaction after wearing your silicone product, please contact your clinician.

Every attempt is made to colour match the silicone to the closest match possible, slight variations may be apparent under different lighting conditions.

For Partial Hands, Feet & Digits: It is recommended not to wear the product for more than two hours initially. Build up the time worn as the skin becomes accustomed to wearing the product. In the first week it is recommended that the skin be checked on a regular basis (every 2 to 3 hours).

Fitting lotions or a sparing amount of talcum powder can be applied to the inside of the socket area if required when fitting the product. This can be repeated on a daily basis if required.

All Dorset Orthopaedic silicone products are made from durable, medical grade silicone. Through years of development and expertise, our products are made in order for them to remain robust, yet highly functional. We would expect a silicone product to last well for a period of 2-3 years, dependent on activity level of the patient, care of the product and its appropriate usage. Please see our Care & Information section for additional guidance for all products.

  • Colour Appointment - A Dorset Ortho Silicone Technician will visit and require time with the patient to colour match their skin tones and gain all relevant information in order to make the silicone product back at our UK fabrication site.
  • CTP - A clear silicone (Clear Test Piece) version which allows us to check the socket fit, volumes and dimensions ahead of making the final product.
  • Definitive Product - Following the manufacture of the CTP, the final ‘definitive’ product will be made.
  • Colour Swatches - Dorset Ortho will provide ‘Silicone Colour Swatches’ for Remote Ordering from which the local CPO can select the appropriate colours.
  • Sound Side Alginate Plaster Cast - This is a positive plaster cast of the patients remaining (sound side) limb in order to mirror over the detail and sculpt.
  • Rectified Residual Plaster Cast – This is the positive plaster cast of the patient’s residual limb that has been reduced/rectified ready for silicone manufacture.

We strive to provide an efficient and timely service to all of our clinical partners, our team will communicate expected ETA’s for all jobs prior to their arrival at Dorset Ortho. We aim to turn around test pieces within 2-3 weeks and final definitive products within 4-5 weeks dependent on product type and volume of work status.

Through clinical judgement and skilled technicians, we aim to deliver products that are both functional and highly reliable. Unless specified otherwise under Warranty Limitations, in the event that any product fails within the 12 month ‘workmanship’ period, we will firstly assess and review the concern, and based on the outcome of this, resolve the issue accordingly.

Dorset Orthopaedic provide a varied range of products with differing pricing structures attached. Please contact our team for further information in regards to all silicone product prices.

Your Silicone Co-Ordinator will advise you what you will need to send to DOC in order to process the job successfully and efficiently. This would include specific items such as:

  • Completed Order Form
  • Rectified Residual Plaster Cast
  • Sound Side Alginate Plaster Cast