Hannah joined our team as a Silicone Technician in 2023 and is currently working within orthotics making SAFOs.

Hannah’s career started after studying Visual Effects & Modelmaking at The Northern School of Art. Following her degree, she worked in an art gallery in the Lake District for 6 months before starting work at Dorset Orthopaedic. She wanted to work in an industry that would allow her to use the skills and techniques she had learned throughout her time at university and thought that would be the most rewarding way to do this because of the real life impacts her work can have on people’s lives.

One of Hannah’s favourite parts of the role is the ability to make each piece custom for the patient to ensure that they can have the best result possible.

In her time outside of work, Hannah is always taking on projects around her home like upcycling furniture and most recently learning the skill of rug tufting to create a bespoke rug for her home. As well as crafting projects Hannah often travels home to see her family in Cumbria.