Alice joined our team of talented technicians in January 2019 and thrives on creativity.

Being a creative meant Alice would always find herself in school spending hours on art projects and dreaming of creating interesting pieces. She went on to study Technical Arts and Special Effects at the Wimbledon College of Arts and has always had an interest in the medical industry. After finishing college, Alice saw a vacancy online to become a silicone technician at Dorset Orthopaedic and hasn’t looked back since!

Since joining the team, Alice has undergone the full training programme, learning from her experienced colleagues to develop her skills and learn the intricacies of every product. “It was great to have different trainers as everyone has their own way of doing things and different techniques which made it very well rounded,” said Alice.

Day to day, Alice takes care of the remote orders from our renowned international clinical partners and specialises in upper limb bespoke silicone cosmeses. As a self-confessed perfectionist Alice’s favourite part of the job is the level of attention to detail which is required to make sure every solution exactly meets the customers’ expectations.

Outside of work, Alice loves the outdoors and keeping active through playing tennis and going for runs. She also has a personal interest in sculpting and illustration.